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Nepal Electricity Authority Syllabus

Syllabus of Vacancy Announcement of Various Fields in Nepal Electricity Authority
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(NEA) Nepal Electricity Authority was started on 1st Bhadra 2042 BS (16 August 1985 AD) under the Nepal Electricity Authority Act. 1984, after the merger of Nepal Electricity Corporation, Department of Electricity of Ministry of Water Resources and related Development Boards.

Electricity organizations with overlapping and duplication of works, merger of this individual organization became necessary to realize efficiency and reliable service to remedy the inherent weakness related to these fragmented

Nepal Electricity Authority Syllabus

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The main objective of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) is to get, transmit and distribute reliable, adequate and affordable power by planning, maintaining, operating and constructing all generation, transmission and distribution facilities in Nepal's power system both interconnected and isolated. 

In addition to achieving above primary objective, Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA's) major responsibilities are:

a. To recommend to Government of Nepal, long and short- term plans and policies within the power sector.

b. To recommend, determine and realize tariff structure for electricity consumption with prior approval of state of Nepal.

c. to rearrange for training and study so on produce skilled manpower in generation, transmission, distribution and other sectors.

Management of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) is entrusted to a Board of Directors which is constituted as follows:

1. Honorable Minister, Ministry of Energy: Chairman

2. Secretary, Ministry of Energy Government: Member

3. Secretary, Ministry of Finance Government: Member

4. One prominent person from commerce, industry, or financial sector: Member

5. One person from consumers group: Member

6. Two prominent persons with experience in power sector from outside government: Member

7. Managing Director, Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA): Member Secretary

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Nepal Electricity Authority


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