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Exam Schedule : 3 Years LLM 2 nd Year, Partial-2076

Tribhuwan University 3 Years LLM Second Year Partial Examination - 2076 B.S. Exam Schedule
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Tribhuwan University

3 Years LLM Second Year

Partial Examination - 2076 B.S.

Exam Schedule

Exam Schedule List:

Law 751 Comparative Jurisprudence-II
Law 752 Constitutional Law I
Law 753 Commercial Law- I
Law 754 International Law -I
Law 755 Criminal Law (Substantive and International Criminal Law)
Law 756 Environmental Law I (International Environmental Law)


1. No re-arrangement will be made for the candidates who are absent in the examination as per the above examination program.

2. Even if there is an unexpected leave, the examination will not be postponed without prior notice of the TR.

3. If any of your subject matter or letter of examination is to be discharged or dissolved in the examination program, the information should be given to this office within 7 days from the date of publication. Otherwise the exam will be conducted according to this program.

4. Come to the Experimental Exam- Contact your campus.

5. The log table, Goswara vouchers, graph paper, charts, etc. required for the examination should be brought by the examiner himself and used with the prior approval of the Central Chairperson.

6. Within 5 months of completing the theoretical examination, the respective campus will complete the experimental exam and score. And the attendance must be submitted to this office.

7. Examination buildings will not be accessible with electronic devices such as smart watches, mobile phones and forbidden materials.

8. According to the information on filling up the examination application form, the examinations should be done only on the basis of the rules and curriculum set by the TRS, in which the course is required to be filled in the examination application form. Otherwise, the campus or student will be responsible for this.

9. If any of the candidates is blind, sluggish, or unable to write by hand due to a serious hand related illness, if the exam is to be given by a contributing author in accordance with Rule 2, the disability will be given by the official body or by a physician-certified letter. The timeline will be added.


A detailed description of the reassessment can be found at the Examination Control Office's website:
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Exam Schedule

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