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Armed Police Force Exam Syllabus

Syllabus of various Rank of Examination of Armed Police Force
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Armed Police Force Syllabus of different Exam

The Armed Police of Nepal (APF) is a paramilitary land force tasked with counter-insurgency operations in Nepal. It functions as a semi-military wing, and occupies a kind of dual role as both military and enforcement . Service is voluntary and therefore the minimum age for enlistment is eighteen years. Initially founded with a roster of 15,000 police and military personnel, the Armed police is projected to possess a corps of 40,000 at the close of 2015.


In February 1996, the ideologically Maoist Communist Party of Nepal operating because the United People's Front of Nepal initiated what was then dubbed the "People's War". Ensuing armed resistance and criminal activity escalating from the conflict motivated King Gyanendra to think about amassing an independent police . Subsequently, the Armed police was founded on 24 October 2001. Late Krishna Mohan Shrestha of the Nepal Police (then serving as Additional military officer of Police) was its first Chief.

The current command and control organization of Nepal's army is printed along the protocol of the 1990 Constitution and its interim constitution. Its standing military officer is that the Chief of Armed Police Forces, equivalent in rank to a 3 star general officer of the Nepal Army.
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Armed Police Force


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