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Tamu Loshar in Tudikhel with President of Nepal.

Tamu Loshar in Tudikhel with President of Nepal.

Losar is one of the main festivals in Nepal. The festival is celebrated in Buddhist religion follower community like Tamang, Sherpa, Gurung and Thakali etc. who live in the hilly and the mountainous region. The literal meaning of losar is New Year and follows the cycle of 12 years called Lohokor. Barga (Lo)is the special name given to each year and represented by different animals with its reputed attributes like mouse, cow, tiger, cat, garuda, serpent, horse, sheep, monkey, bird, dog and deer,. The cycle of animals is arranged in a single circle printed on a paper or a cloth. In Nepal when there was no calendar, the 12 rotation system was used to calculate peoples’ ages.

On the very day of the festival the people visit the monasteries and stupas to pray, worship and have blessing from the monks for happiness and wellbeing. The stupas, monasteries, houses rooftop and mountain top are decorated with new colorful prayer flags and colorful decorative items to bring peace and harmony to the nation. The ethnic people clad in their traditional costumes perform their cultural singing and dancing welcoming the New Year with feasts and family gathering. On the occasion of Loshar the Government of Nepal announces public holidays. So, the festival is celebrated in the full swing across the country.

Types of Losar in Nepal

Tamu loshar:– 

Tamu losar is celebrated by the Gurungs community living in the laps of the Mountain Daulagiri and Mountain Annapurna. Gurungs are the indigenous people from Nepal and called Tamu, another name of Gurungs. Gurungs are famous in the Gorkha army for their bravery in the Ist World War and the 2nd World War. They are trusted, obedient and disciplined soldiers.

According to our Calendar, every year,15 Poush is the day to celebrate Tamu Loshar whereas in English calander, it falls in the month of December/January. The date signifies the end of the shorter days and the start of the longer days bringing warmness and charm. 

On the eve of the festival, the lama, the spiritual teacher, establishes the statue of Buddha at each and every house and burn incense and commence the new year. Sel roti ( Rice circle bread), Achar ( Pickle), Meat, homemade rice Beer and Wine are served. People gather in the courtyard to celebrate the festive in the rural areas where as in cities people gather in a common place and parade around the cities rejoicing cultural procession to mark the New Year.

Sonam Loshar:-

Sonam loshar is celebrated by the Tamangs community dwelling in the central highlands of Nepal as well around Kathmandu Valley. Tamangs are the indigenous people from Nepal. They have their own culture and dialects which distinguish them from other ethnic groups. Tamang means Horse Traders.

Gyalpo Loshar:-

Gyalpo Loshar is celebrated by the Sherpa community living in the Himalayan region in Nepal. They have distinct dialect and culture. They are world famous mountain climbers and the first one to scale Mount Everest in Nepal, the highest mountain in the world. People from Tamang, Bhutia and Yolmo too celebrate this festive.

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