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Computer operator Model Question No 4 (Four)
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Computer Operator Questions With Answers.

Model Question No 4

1) Which function will calculate the amount of workdays between 6/9/2004 and 8/12/2004 ?

a. Workday
b. Date 
c. Networkdays 
d. All of the above

2) Which button does one click to feature up a series of numbers?

a. The auto sum button 
b. The formula button 
c. the fast total button 
d. the entire button

3) Which command will you select to convert a column of knowledge into row?

a. Cut and Paste 
b. Edit>Paste Special> Transpose 
c. Both of above 
d. None of above

4) Which of the subsequent is an example of relative cell address?

a. B9 
b. D$9 
c. $F5 
d. $M$2

5) …….. may be a collection of knowledge stored during a standardized format, designed to be shared by multiple users.

a. Database 
b. Record 
c. management System 
d. Relation

6) The Column of a table is mentioned because the …….

a. Tuple 
b. Attribute 
c. Entity 
d. Degree

7) A Field or group of fields that uniquely identifies every roe of a table is…….

a. Primary Key 
b. Foreign Key 
c. Hot Key 
d. Access key

8) Which is that the best file (copied from organization when data is usually added or deleted from a file?

a. Sequential 
b. Direct 
c. Index sequential 
d. None of Above

9) …….. operators employed to match a worth to an inventory of literals values that are specified.

a. Like 
b. Compare 
c. Between 
d. In

10) What is the default extension of PowerPoint Presentation?

a. Prn 
b. doc 
c. Docx 
d. Ppt

11) Which key's wont to view slide show?

a. F1 
c. F5 
d. F1o

12) Which file format is often added to a Powerpoint show?

a. .jpg 
b. .gif 
c. .wav 
d. All of the above

13) Full sort of HTML is …..

a. Hypertext terminology 
b. Hotmail 
c. Hypertext Mail Language 
d. All of the Above

14) ….. maybe a standalone tag (i.e. doesn't have a closing tag).

a. <font> 
 b. <table> 
 c. <hr> 
 d. <b>

15) To set the Background color we use:

a. <Body text=”Color”> 
b. <Body=”color”> 
c. <Body bgcolor=”color”> 
d. All of the above

16) Numbers are stored and transmitted inside a computer in …..

a. Binary form 
b. ASCII Code form 
c. Decimal form 
d. Alphanumeric form

17) Each IP packet must contain

a. Only source address 
b. Only destination address 
c. Source and destination address 
d. Source or destination address

18) How many bits are there within the Ethernet address?

a. 64 bits 
b. 48 bits 
c. 32 bits 
d. 16 bits

19) A central computer surrounded by one among more satellite computers is named a

a. bus network. 
b. ring network 
C. star network 
D. All of the above

20) The two sorts of record access methods are:

a. Sequential and random 
b. Sequential and indexed 
c. Direct and immediate 
d. Online and real time

21) The least significant little bit of the binary (copied from, which is like an odd decimal number is:

a. 0 
b. 1 
c. 1 or 0 
d. 3

22) Laptop computers use:

a. CRT Display 
b. LCD display 
c. SSGA displays 
d. None of the previous

23) A hard copy would be prepared on

a. line-at-a-time printer 
b. matrix printer 
c. Typewriter terminal
d. All of the above

24) The fifth-generation computer is additionally referred to as

a. Knowledge information science system 
b. Very large scale integration (VLSI) 
c. Both of above 
d.None of above

25) Reading data is performed in magnetic disc by

a.Read/write heads 
b. Sectors 
c. Track 
d. Lower surface

26) Which of the subsequent isn't a kind of software?

a. System software 
b. Application Software 
c. Utility Software 
d. Entertainment software

27) An approach that allows the pc to figure on several programs rather than one is

a. On-line thesaurus 
b. Multi programming 
c. Overlapped processing 
d. Outline processor

28) A Hybrid computer

a. Resembles digital computer 
b. Resembles analog computer 
c. Resembles both a digital and analog computer 
d. None of the above

29) The personal computer industry was started by

a. IBM 
b. Apple 
c. Compaq 
d. HCL

30) Which is the operating system program?

a. Windows 
b. Ms-word 
c. MS-excel 
d. Ms-PowerPoint

31) Format command is used to

a. Prepare a blank disk 
b. Create a new blank disk from a used one 
c. Both of above 
d. None of the above.

32) Function of operating system

a. Memory Management 
b. Document preparation 
c. web page designing 
d. All of above

33) Full form of MS-DOS is

a. Micro System disk Operating System
b. Micro Simple Disk Operating System 
c. Microsoft Disk Operating System 
d. Micro Sort Disk Operating System

34) In Windows system, if the displayed system time and date system is wrong you'll Reset it using

a. Write 
b. Calendar 
c. Card file 
d. Control Panel

35) Page formatting which is employed frequently in future is saved as ….

a. Master document 
b. Theme 
c. Cross-reference 
d. Template

36) Shortcut key for manual ( column break in ms word.

a. Ctrl + Enter 
b. Shift + spacebar 
c. Ctrl + Shift+ Enter 
d. Alt + Enter

37) Ctrl + Shift + D

a. Double Paragraph Spacing 
b. Delete Current word 
c. Dotted Underline 
d. Double Underline

38) Which of the following is feature of MS-word?

a. Drag and Drop 
b. Text Wrap 
c. Find and replace 
d. All of the above.

39) ….. increases the readability of text

a. Save 
b. Bullet and numbering 
c. Thesaurus 
d. Help

40) Which isn't the sort of indent available in ms-word?

a. Right Indent 
b. Left Indent 
c. Center Indent 
d. Hanging indent

41) Page numbering is inserted as……

a. Footnote 
b. Endnote 
c. Footer 
d. none of above

42) Leader character is associated with

a. Bullet & numbering 
b. Gutter 
c. Indent 
d. Tab

43) Pressing F8 key for three times selects

a. A word 
b. A sentence 
c. A Paragraph 
d. Entire document.

44) Which of the subsequent is graphics solution for word processors?

a. Clipart 
b. WordArt 
c. Drop Cap 
d. All of the above

45) Which of the subsequent options isn't available to get rid of arrows of formula Auditing?

a. Remove precedent Arrows 
b. Remove Dependent arrows 
c. Remove All Arrows 
d. Remove all arrows for this cell

46) The minimum and maximum ( value you can set for save Auto Recovery Info in the electronic spreadsheets are

a. 1 and 120 minutes 
b. 0 and 120 minutes 
c. 2 and 60 minutes 
d. 1 and 10 minutes

47) Formatting a cell in Currency, you can specify

a. Decimal places 
b. Currency Symbol 
c. Both of above 
d. None of the above

48) What term refers to a selected set of values saved with the workbook?

a. Range 
b. Scenario 
c. Trend line 
 d. What-if-analysis

49) To insert three columns between columns D and E you'd

a. Select column D 
b. Select column E 
c. Select Columns E, F, and G. 
d. Select columns D, E and F

50) You can add a picture to a template by clicking the insert picture from file button on the…….. toolbar

a. Standard 
b. Formatting 
c. Drawing 
d. Picture

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