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Surya Grahan 26 December 2019 All Information

Surya Grahan 26 December 2019 All Information
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Surya Grahan 26 December 2019 All Information

According to the Scriptures, eclipse holds a great significance in Hinduism. There are many popular and mythological stories related to eclipse. As per the astrology, there are two types of eclipse is highly mentioned in the scriptures, first is Solar Eclipse and the second one is Lunar Eclipse. It is said that eclipse has a lot of influence on human’s life.

When does Solar Eclipse Occur?

Surya Grahan occurs when the moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, and Moon fully or partially blocks the Sun. Eclipse is considered as an inauspicious event.

Things to avoid During Eclipse

As per the astrology, Eclipse period is a hard time and no auspicious activities can be done in this time. During this era one shouldn't undertake any auspicious activities. It is believed that it brings bad luck to all or any the ventures starting during the Grahan. Due to the Solar and Lunar eclipse, many changes in nature occur.

Solar Eclipse 2019

In the year 2019, a complete number of 5 eclipses are going to be observed. There will be 3 solar eclipses and a couple of lunar eclipses in 2019. This is the fifth eclipse of the year and therefore the last eclipse of 2019. The Surya Grahan will occur on 26 December on Thursday in 2019. The duration of the Solar eclipse is 2 hours 40 minutes as it starts at 8.32 (GMT +5:45) AM and will end up at 11.22 (GMT +5:45) AM
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